Current Fundraiser 


This framed print was donated by Sean McEvoy from Take A Pic Photography.  He was the photographer and he obtained all of the Tragically Hip Member's signatures.  GOC can't thank Sean enough for this very generous donation and support to our cause.  For additional information about Sean and Take A Pic Photography, please visit his website by clicking on the image below.


Guess the amount in this jar!!

  1. Closest to the amount wins

  2. There are only coins in this jar (i.e. there are no fillers)

  3. Coins are counted at face value

  4. The container is 29 3/4" in circumference

  5. Guesses will be to the cent.

  6. Each guess will cost $5.00

  7. Final day to purchase guesses, is July 10, 2021 at 11:59 PM.  You can also purchase guesses at our 6th Annual Empower the Children Ride.  NOTE:  Should the Ride be delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions, the closing will align with our new Ride date.

  8. Winner will be contacted July 11, 2021 (Or the day following our Ride if changed due to COVID-19 restrictions)

  9. Should there be a tie between guessers, we will "Spin the Wheel" with only the tied guessers name on it.  Whoever the Spin lands on is the winner.

How to Guess: